Best Girls in London

After hearing the voice the very young child felt a calm and warming peace. Fear escaped that moment and the very young child felt safe, for she knew she would be taken care of, no matter what. Just as the very young child heard voices on her auntie’s back porch she shared in conversation with birds in her Nana’s garden. As a toddler she sat in the center of her Nana’s vegetable garden. Birds of all kinds would gather, surround her and they would chatter. For hours, her Nana, Papa and Mama would watch with amazement as the toddler sat content talking to the birds. Throughout her very young childhood she would have many visits like this.

The young ambitious girl with great dreams and ambitions never spoke of this for she knew that these conversations were sacred. She knew things.

Moments like these helped her appreciate nature and what it had to offer. Moments like these provided the very small child with the knowledge that childhood nightmares and negative experiences were lessons. Moments like these led her to understand that life had much to teach her and no matter what she would pull through. So, the young girl, that just knew things consciously decided to listen more carefully to the whispers of nature and her heart.

 February 23rd, 2016